Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Months

No seriously... time slow down! How has it been two months since Raleigh was born?! It has been the greatest two months of our lives. He is a great baby. Sometimes we'll look at him & ask ourselves how we have such a cute baby!

Raleigh is growing way too fast. Way. Too. Fast.

I love his little pensive looks! {Those eyebrows KILL me!!}

Oh... and that grin!

Around 6 weeks old... Raleigh discovered his tongue! He's pretty cute.
 A few dates to remember:

October 17th- while in the bathtub Raleigh grabbed my fingers so I pulled up a little... he then stretched out his legs and stood up!!! No really, the kid stood up. I yelled to Nathan & then within 30 seconds Raleigh FLIPPED out! I think he got cold. {He hates getting out of the water}. Of course I was afraid he hurt himself! What 8 week old pulls up and stands?!

October 13th- Raleigh went to the nursery for the first time at church. Mommy almost cried... it was a close call!

October 12th- Raleigh's first trip to the pool! Auntie Katherine, mommy & Raleigh all joined Sunshine at her rooftop pool. Apparently Raleigh likes to sleep by poolside!

October 10th- Raleigh's first trip to the mall! Mommy realized how much she really loves Nordstrom! They provide a lounge for nursing moms... oh, and free wifi! Pretty awesome.

October 4th- Raleigh met his great grandma... the one & only Maw Maw! He also got to see his Grandee again. {More on that visit later!}

Sweet baby toes.

Look who is getting thigh rolls!!! YAY!

Raleigh's likes:
bath time
sleep {at night... thank the Lord!}
his swing
his activity mat
daddy's silly voice
mommy's silly songs
his monkey comfort blanket
his crib mobile

Raleigh's dislikes:
loud startling noises
riding in the car at night
waiting to be fed
pooping inside of diapers ;)
getting out of the bathtub

It's funny how quickly he has changed & how much  better we're reading his ques! We're getting to know our son & he is pretty incredible.

Happy two months to our happy, go lucky, sweet baby boy!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 6th

If you talk to me long enough you'll learn about my best friend, Whitney. It's because we were pretty much attached at the hip & most of my hilarious stories include her! She is so much like me & at the same time perfectly opposite. We joked we'd make the perfect wife with our talents combined! She loved cooking & I loved baking. I liked crafting & making home a "home" & she liked cleaning it! She loved laundry & I loved... wearing clothes? Ok, she was the better house keeper between the two of us... & lots of days I wish she were around to clean up after me!! ;) 

Back up to October 6, 1987... my baby calendar reads "Elizabeth has a new playmate, Whitney Morgan Beach was born!" Although we grew up cities apart we still got together when our parents did. 
Little did we know... we'd become best of friends!

God is so good. Not only did he provide me with a sweet friend to go through life with; He lined up our lives so we could share each other's burdens, ask each other advice & share joys.  

We married our husbands 3 months apart from each other! 

Got pregnant 1 month apart from each other! 

And gave birth to our sons... 1 day shy of a month apart! 

And today we both support our husbands as they launch new church plants! 
Who knew even 800 miles apart our lives would be so similar!? God did. 

I can't believe how gracious God has been to provide me with a friend like Whitney. 
Today, October 6th, we celebrate her birth! I am so grateful that she was born. Happy Birthday Whitney, what should we do next!? ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The mom cut...

I always wondered why first time moms seemed to always chop off their hair?! 

Well, I am now that person. 

It's been three years since my last major hair style cut... so it was time!! Not to mention Raleigh has started to grab my hair. Also when I put him on my shoulder I usually ended up trying to get my hair out of his face! So it was definitely time!!!

Almost an entire foot of hair off!! Unfortunately I couldn't donate it since I had ombré... which was a deal breaker for Locks of Love & Pantene's a Beautiful Lengths. :(

I can still pull it back out of my face... which was vital! I still haven't tried it curly but I'm sure it will be much curlier since there isn't a pound of hair weighing down my bounce! 

Sometimes you just need a change. :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

One Month!

I can't believe it has been one whole month since Raleigh James Price entered our world! He has been a joy!! Motherhood is much harder and much more rewarding than I ever could have guessed. I love this baby boy with all my heart... and then some. Nathan & I just stare at him in disbelief that he is ours!
With the teddy bear Papa bought me!

A few dates to remember:

On September 22nd marked one month. That morning Raleigh rolled over! I was stunned. I mean, we knew he was strong... but dang! I guess his daddy has been training him well! (They do tummy time and Nathan tells Raleigh to do his pushups! ha. It's pretty cute to watch.)

On September 15th Raleigh went to church for the first time. That day he also lost his umbilical cord!

On September 6th Raleigh had his newborn photoshoot. I LOVE all of the pictures!! How in the world am I going to choose which ones to print!?

On August 31st Raleigh experienced his first College Gameday! (We're raising him right!) ;)

On August 24th we went home from the hospital!

On August 22nd Raleigh was born!!!

Raleigh likes:
his swing
bath time
white noise
his paci
mommy & daddy
his activity mat
peeing when he's naked
facetiming with his family & friends!

Raleigh dislikes:
wet & poopy diapers
gas drops
wind blowing in his face
spitting up
red lights 

Are we done yet mom!?

This month has been wonderful! We are thankful to be this sweet little boys parents.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Momma.

Never in my life have I ever had such an appreciation for my mother as I do now. It's not like I didn't appreciate her before... its just now... I know.

I know the ache she feels because she loves me so much.
I know the hurt she felt when she saw me hurt.
I know the helplessness she felt when there was nothing she could do.
I know the joy she felt when she saw me succeed.
I know there is no other mom I'd rather have!

When I had Raleigh, she was quick to take care of me and him! She told me it was ok to cry when my hormones were all whacky. I believed her and cried. She lovingly washed our clothes and cleaned my house. She prepared and cooked healthy meals for us. She kissed my son's head and sang to him, just as she had done to me.

Watching my mom with my son has made me realize all the more, what an amazing example of a beautiful mother I have. I am thankful to walk in her footsteps and tenderly care for others.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and understand you all the more!
A special thank you to Sarah Gray Photography for these beautiful pictures.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My new norm.

It's Monday & 1pm. So far I've fed Raleigh (4 times) and I've eaten too. 
I could have done laundry or dishes, but I haven't. 

I had a great conversation with Whitney. I had coffee and oatmeal... I even painted my nails while face timing with her! It was lovely & much needed "girl time"! 

Yesterday was a great day. We took Raleigh to church for the first time! I needed it. Corporate worship and teaching is so good for the soul. 
Raleigh's outfit was pretty darn cute. It was a handmedown from the Dorseys! He also lost his umbilical cord...finally!!
After our busy day... we came home & rested. Raleigh was pooped!! 
That night I decided it was time for Raleigh to sleep in his own room! He nursed, I changed him, swaddled him & placed him in his swing. Soon after he was out! I scooped him up and placed him in his crib... he was not phased at all! I *may* have slept with the baby monitor next to my pillow. :)

Raleigh slept for 5 hours straight!! Yay!!! He nursed and then slept another 2.5 hours. I'm hoping it wasn't a fluke! We'll try again tonight. 

I suppose I could do laundry now... or dishes... or a bunch of other chores. But maybe I'll just cuddle and hold my sweet baby boy. Mondays aren't too bad! I'm liking my new norm. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Weeks!

Wow. It was a busy week for Raleigh!! Let's recap with some pictures!

Sarah Gray came to meet Raleigh. It was so wonderful seeing her, catching up & lounging around with her & my sweet baby boy. Sarah is an incredibly talented photographer, check her out here! I mean she is gooooood. I'm so blessed to have talented friends who can capture sweet moments like Raleigh's first days! 

We woke up & set up! (While lounging in our pjs & sipping coffee!)
She is a baby whisperer. (Seriously... she's good) See....?!

Yeah.... & that's not even the tip of the iceberg!!! I cannot wait to see the rest!!!!
That night we went out for Raleigh's first dinner at a restaurant. (9/6/13) We went to CityPlace and ate at Brewzii's. Yum!
Auntie Katherine also came into town! As well as "Gramma & Papa". Raleigh kept them all entertained! 
We went to a Palm Beach classic for lunch, Hamburger Heaven! (We also go stuck there due to a monsoon!!!)

Raleigh made new faces & sounds this week! The cutest squeaky noises. 
He also LOVES the swing. Thanks to the Ramos Family for letting us try it out!!
(Sorry it's blurry... it's hard to get a picture in focus with a moving object!) ;)

Raleigh also took his first bottle this week! Daddy got to feed him while I watched, it was a little weird for me... I was kind of sad & equally enjoying my "freedom". 

Raleigh also got baby acne this week! :( He is still the cutest little thing I've ever laid my eyes on!

Finally to wrap up this week, Raleigh got to meet his uncle!! Owen drove down from Raleigh, NC to meet his nephew Raleigh James!
Yep! Raleigh loves his Uncle Owen!

It's been a busy and wonderful week, filled with family & friends! We're blessed to share & make all of these memories with them! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Weeks!

It's hard to believe we met Raleigh 2 weeks ago today! It's flown by yet I can barely remember life prior to his arrival. It's been a fantastic 14 days... full of pee pee, gassy smiles, an array of poo colors, nursing (the kid likes to eat!), postpartum recovery (yes I tore), teamwork with my hubby like never before, cuddles & tears. 

I can't believe we've been entrusted with someone so precious. God is good! 

When Raleigh was born he weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. At his first pediatrician appointment he weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces. One week later we went back for a check up... now... Raleigh weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces!! Yes, my little man gained a whole pound in a week! Yep- he's mine! Ha!

Raleigh is also impressively strong! This kid picks up his head looks around or holds it stationary upright. I'm not ready for these milestones to fly by so quickly!! 

Also, we've moved up a diaper size. Yes... we're no longer in newborns! :( He kept peeing out the side or up the back... I mean we were going through 3 outfits a day! We went up to the ones and haven't had an issue yet! They look huge on him, but they work!!

He likes car rides, bath time, peeing, pooing, eating, swinging & snuggling. 
He dislikes very little! Seriously, he is a great baby. He isn't fussy unless he hasn't eaten in a while! But who isn't?! 

This week: 

Raleigh experienced his first College Gameday! I'm sure this was not his last!

Raleigh went to his first picnic!
We also went to The Percy's annual Labor Day party! 
Raleigh also went to Publix! Thankfully Grandee went too which was SO helpful!
Daddy & Raleigh snuggled. 
Mommy & Raleigh snuggled.
And Raleigh happily slept... a lot!
That profile!! I just love everything about him!
Baby burrito!
Comfy!! He sleeps like his mommy!
This morning he got a little bath, which he didn't cry or whimper at all! 

Life is good & I can't believe our little baby is growing and changing before our very eyes! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Raleigh's Arrival

Wednesday evening Nathan & I headed to Chickfila for one last dinner together before we headed to the hospital! We had been scheduled to try cervidil to get labor started in a more natural way. It's supposed to thin your cervix and in some cases begin contractions! We checked in & anxiously awaited the cervidil. They started it at 11pm. I had Braxton Hicks all night but nothing serious! The next morning they checked my cervix to see how the cervidil worked & I hoped to have dilated more too. 

Nope. Nothing happened! I was SO disappointed. 

My midwife went ahead & broke my water to start labor. When she did immediately she and the nurse made a sound... they informed me that they saw meconium. Our stinker had already taken his first poo! Yuck. This meant that he needed to come soon & that I would have to labor from my bed. No walking the halls or sitting on a yoga ball for this girl. I was disappointed again. 

They had to start me on pitocin to get things moving quickly & to avoid risks of Raleigh swallowing the nasty amniotic fluid with meconium! Again, disappointed. 

I went in wanting a drug free labor. I knew pitocin made contractions more intense with less down time between them. I labored for a little over 2 hours before they checked my cervix and I had only dilated one more cm. ugh! That put me at 2cm. Seriously? That's when I decided I needed the epidural! This was going much slower than I anticipated! I continued to dilate at the rate of pretty much 1cm an hour. That feels like foooooorever when you're trying to get to 10!! The epidural was a great decision!!! 

Either way, we were having our baby! Nothing about that was disappointing! 
Post epidural... FaceTime with Auntie Katherine & Whitney!! Thank goodness for technology!

Skip ahead through many contractions to roughly 9pm on Thursday August 22, 2013. My hands began tingling and I just didn't feel right. I called for the nurse & to my surprise she & my midwife Dana were in the room within seconds! Dana told me she didn't like how much Raleigh's heart rate was dropping during the contractions. He had been really low the entire day & his little head was taking the brunt of the contractions. She said she was going to check me again & if I wasn't at 10cm I was going to have to go to the OR!! Nathan says my face looked terrified & disappointed. I told everyone to pray I was at 10cm!!! (Not sure why we hadn't done this sooner....) She checked and said, "oh! Ok, let's have a baby!"

Immediately there was a completely different vibe in the room. Nathan came alongside of me & our parents were crammed into the closet bathroom area. There was a bunch of commotion & I remember Dana telling me to wait to push & not being sure if I could hold off.  

I began pushing. My husband was THE best encourager. I remember him saying, "you're doing great!! You were created to do this!" And he was right! 5 minutes later our beautiful son was born. It was 9:17pm and he had arrived! 

Because Raleigh had swallowed some of the meconium he was whisked over to the baby bed and I watched longingly as he was suctioned in his nose and mouth. 

I began to cry! Crying over relief & crying because I wanted nothing more than to hold my baby. Soon he was in my arms! 

We were in love. A love that hurts! It's a wonderful hurt. I held my 7 lbs 2 ounces perfect baby boy & fell harder and harder for this 21 inch long little man! 

Everyone took turns admiring Raleigh, he has quite the fan club! His Gramma Claudia, Grandee Carol & Papa John are over the moon!
I still can't believe how alert he was right after birth! 
He loves his fingers! Every ultrasound we had showed him with his hand near his face... the same is still true!
His feet are like his momma's! Long!!
Sweetness. Pure sugar!! 
My midwife Dana was so wonderful, I'm thankful for her!! This is after it was all done!!
We continued to stare in awe of this little baby we'd been waiting to meet for months! 
I hadn't eaten since 5:30pm on Wednesday night... I was starving but newly preoccupied with this adorable boy! My dad & Nathan set out for food. Sonic cheeseburgers were about our only option. One that I didn't mind!! That was the best cheeseburger I'd ever tasted!! 

We moved into our new room, just the 3 of us. We were exhausted but just wanted to stare at our son. 
We couldn't believe he was ours! Our lives were forever changed. The next morning we woke up to a handsome and alert Raleigh James. Every morning since has brought us so much joy!

We don't deserve this precious gift. We pray daily for him & for his soul! We pray that Raleigh would grow up & serve The Lord. We now know a whole new aspect of love. Love for Raleigh, love for each other & love for the God who created this amazing little man! 
Welcome to the world, Raleigh James Price!