Sunday, April 14, 2013

Growing Belly! 17-20 weeks

Well, I don't exactly feel adorable in these pictures... but I think it's important to mark little mister's growth! Soooooo here it is!

I'm not sure why I looked so big this particular evening! BUT I sure did.
Whew. Sorry about my posture! Clearly I was tired. 
A guest appearance by Twix Hux! We're loving dog sitting for him.
Whoohoo! Half way mark! Feeling good & loving the 2nd trimester!
I am understanding why they call the 2nd trimester the "honeymoon period". I'm feeling Raleigh move everyday. I'm not super uncomfortable. I have more energy and I'm not sick! I'm savoring these moments and realizing... this is quickly coming to an end & soon we'll get to meet our little boy. Amazing.
Just for fun... look how 10 weeks can make a difference!
Thanks prenatal vitamins, my hair has grown a lot in ten weeks!! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy's Hand Me Downs!

It's been an eventful week! We celebrated the 20 week mark on Thursday! It was a special Thursday, because that night Raleigh let his Daddy feel him kick!! I've been feeling his little thumps for almost 2 weeks now and it's always incredible! I loved watching Nathan feel it. Melted my heart. Of course my husband being who he is... compared this little thump to the thud of a bass hitting the rig! Oh I how love that man! (He is ALL man!)

Friday night my mother in law, Carol, arrived. It's been such a great weekend just resting with her and having outings! Being the wonderful grandma she is, she brought a few gifts for baby Raleigh! I love them so much because they are Nathan's sweet baby clothes!! I love love love the idea of our little boy wearing his Daddy's clothes!
How sweet is this onesie? It's almost 31 years old. Thank goodness for bleach!  
I love the sweet details.

The little snap buttons!  
Here is a bib that one of Carol's coworkers made her.

Hand stitched with love! How many people have these?!

Seersucker overalls!! Be still my heart!

I can't believe my hubby once wore this!

This pillow hung in Nathan's nursery...

Now it hangs in Raleigh's!
One other thing Carol brought was new. I LOVE it! When Nathan and I got engaged she gave me Nathan's baby bonnet which came with a poem.
  "A tiny square of linen,
And a dainty edge of lace,
Designed into a bonnet
To frame a Baby's face.
   After Baby's worn it
Fold and tuck away.
It will become a hanky
For Baby's Wedding Day.
   If the Baby is a boy,
On the day he should marry,
This will be "something old "
For his joyful Bride to carry."
This is Nathan's baby bonnet. I had it wrapped around my bouquet...
& I proudly carried it on my wedding day.
She bought our Raleigh his very own baby bonnet! It is incredible to think that one day this little boy growing inside of me will one day grow up and lead a family of his own! Amazing. I will be proud to have my daughter in law carry his bonnet one day!
Raleigh's sweet baby bonnet!
The more the days pass by and turns to weeks, the reality that settles in! The weight of our responsibility is sinking in. We pray for Raleigh daily and not just that he is being knitted together in my womb and will be a healthy baby boy. No, but for the more important aspect of his little life. That he would come to know the Lord. That he would grow up to be a Godly man who loves the Lord and honors Him. That he would love and lead his family well. That is our prayer!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Popcorn & Progress

Mr. Raleigh is growing everyday. I can feel him moving more and more. It's usually when I'm still... which this past weekend wasn't very much!! It feels like popcorn popping... or a little thump thump thump from the inside out! I love it. It's pretty bizarre and awesome!

In other news we finally got Raleigh's crib out of our living room! Consequently we have a desk in our living room now. One step at a time! I must admit... I had a bit of inspiration for working on Mr. Raleigh's room...

You see, my sweet friend Melodie has been preggo friend down here. I've loved every minute of it!! BUT she is no longer pregnant. Her sweet baby girl decided to grace the world with her presence today! She had us all fooled... considering she wasn't due for another 3.5 weeks! Just yesterday Mel was telling me she thought Honor would arrive late. I said, "Oh! You think you'll have a May baby!?" little did we know! I guess I realized today how quickly pregnancy flies by! I feel like just yesterday Mel was telling me she was pregnant... now she's a mommy of a beautiful baby girl! Before I know it, I'll have a baby boy in my arms and my life will forever be changed too. Happy Birthday Honor Adele Hux, I can't wait to introduce you to your sure to be friend Raleigh James Price!