Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bucket's Birthday Bash!

I've been a little busy lately but I wanted to post something before we hit the month mark since Nathan's birthday!

It was my first time throwing a birthday party for my husband... and this one was big! It was the big 3-0! I really didn't do too much because let's be real, Nathan doesn't care about the cutesy little details! I just made a few of his favorite dishes, used simple buckets as decoration and invited some of our new friends down here. Steve & Tina Wright were kind enough to let us use their home! Here are a few snap shots:

I found these super cute bucket drink dispensers on clearance at Target!

The cutest kiddo ever!
Tyler and C.A.R!
This party had security thanks to Marquis! ;) 
The handsome birthday boy! :)
There were a lot of candles...
30 to be exact!  

Sweet Tina!
Matt & Mel!        

A lot of people love Nathan!
This kid!
A little game of Jenga! Unexpected, but totally appropriate!
I love my thirty year old!