Monday, August 17, 2015

Time, please slow down!

{apparently this didn't publish when it was supposed to... so sorry that it's out of order! I wrote this 1.5 months ago!} 

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I wrote Anderson's birth story! Next week he'll be 3 months old?! How is this possible? 

Anderson is the easiest, most laid back baby I've ever met! He is so smiley & joyful. He doesn't take his eyes off of his brother, partially because anything could happen & also because he adores him. 
Raleigh has more than warmed up to Anderson. He really loves "his baby"! As soon as Raleigh wakes up... the first thing he does is locate Anderson. It makes my heart melt! 
Some things about Anderson:
-He now rolls over from tummy to back!
-He smiles a lot!!
-He'll giggle for his daddy!
-He enjoys baths!
-He went on his first boat ride with Grandee, Maw Maw, Mommy & Raleigh!
-He celebrated his first 4th of July with Papa & Gramma {while mommy & daddy had a date!!}
-He is kind of a lazy nurser so I've been pumping a lot more this go around! I used to hate pumping, but it's actually not that bad!
-He did NOT like those 2 month shots 
-He loves being passed around at church, it doesn't phase him one bit!
-He started sleeping through the night by 7 weeks?! 
-He is SUPER vocal! We've got a talker! 
-I can't imagine life without him! 💙

The cutest little calf for Cow Appreciation Day! {thanks, Anderson, for sharing your CFA with everyone! ha}

We love you Anderson!! Life is more fun with you in it!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Price Nest

Well- we have been moved into our home for about 2 months now & there's still plenty to be done!! I'm one of those people who like to start something and finish it... if that means working 15 hours straight... so be it! However, motherhood has really interrupted that method! There's no such thing as uninterrupted time anymore. So now I'm trying to figure out how to function differently! 
Yesterday we had a very productive Saturday, which was so encouraging!! Nathan and I worked on some projects & then my parents joined us for dinner and helped us rangle two little ones & lots of projects. Since I have good intentions on blogging a bit more I'll just show you what we worked on in our kitchen/play area/dining room! (I really should figure out a name for that area! Lol. Suggestions?!)
Anyway here it is, in it's unfinished but closer to finished glory! 
(Excuse the tiles on the island, those  are for our master shower!! Woohoo, more on that later!)
So! We finally hung up my favorite yellow curtains and I think it makes the room look more finished and inviting. Not to mention it provides us privacy. We hung them over the French doors which creep me out at night! Ha! The rug was originally in Raleigh's nursery back in West Palm, but I think it's perfect for this space! It's from Overstock. 
I fell in love with that print when I saw it at Hobby Lobby last year. Plus anything Lindsey Letters touches is perfect! The globe is too fun and I won it at our church auction for missions, it seems appropriate here. I hope my boys seek adventure and serve the Lord in it! In the middle is a fun find, I found it yesterday at a little thrift store and it actually works! It's a thermometer & a barometer! My hope for this corner is that the boys will play here while I prepare our meals! 

This is the view from behind my kitchen island. The doors still need to be painted but we'll get there... someday! Also, my favorite yellow curtains? Yeah- Target for like $4 a panel!? Goodness, I love Target... & a great deal!! 
For whatever reason I have the hardest time decorating the dining room! I think it's because I feel like family pictures are kind of weird in this space? I could be totally wrong, it's just something I've never felt super confident in. I do LOVE this mirror though. I bought it back when we lived in Raleigh, NC at a thrift store for..... $15 y'all. It's heavy & it's nearly 60 years old. I think its imperfections are perfect! My dad & husband hung it up like pros & it hasn't fallen yet! I kid, I kid. But really it hasn't fallen! That thing isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Our table was a garage sale find, $50. I plan to sand and re-stain it a bit darker but that's not happening tomorrow... or the next day! Now for one of my favorite craigslist finds!!! Those chairs. They're perfect and I've almost bought them so many times but I just couldn't justify dropping $200+ on something we didn't neeeeed but I really wanted. So when I saw these on craigslist I jumped!! 4 chairs for $110. You can't beat that! Plus they're the finish I wanted and everything! Our light fixture is technically for an island but I love it  over our table. It's Allen & Roth from Lowes. Soon we'll add another high hair in the mix because babies don't keep and Anderson is rapidly approaching 4 months!!! Oh, and let's not discuss how Raleigh will be TWO on Saturday & how he's going to preschool tomorrow. 😭 

There have been lots of changes in our home & lots of hard work. I'm thankful for it all!