Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anderson's Birth Story

woke up at 4am on Friday May 1st. It was my latest due date. (April 26, 27, 28 or May 1st) Having passed all those other dates made it feel like I had been waiting forrrrrever. Waking up at 4am had become my new norm however, this time I was having contractions that kept me from falling back asleep! I decided to get up to shower AND shave my legs... today could be the day! Ha
I timed the contractions, they were 15-20 mins apart. Too far apart for anything exciting!
I had my 40 week appointment that morning at 9:30 & my dr checked me and I was dilated to 3cm & I think 90% effaced. He went ahead and swept my membranes... I immediately became crampy! 
I went about my day and worried that things would pick up too quickly... Nathan was taking his last exam for seminary! He didn't think he'd be done until 3pm! 
The contractions continued and started getting closer together around 1 or 2 pm so I called my mother in law and asked her where she was! (She had planned months ahead to leave SC on May 1st regardless of if I had delivered or if I hadn't! So she was on her way!!) We made plans to walk and go to the grocery store! Well when she walked in my house around 3pm I knew we probably weren't going to the store. I called L&D and asked how far apart my contractions should be before coming in... & they said 5-7 minutes! I was surprised because my contractions were about 6-8 minutes apart. Nathan walked in the door and I was relieved! I filled him in and we left Raleigh with Grandee Carol. (How perfect is God's timing?!) I hadn't eaten lunch... yes it was 4pm... so we went to Zaxby's! I ate through my contractions & people were probably concerned. 
We checked into L&D and by then my contractions had slowed down. They checked me and I was at 4.5 cm and they could feel Anderson's head! They told me we'd have to walk. Walking brought about many contractions, however they'd slow down too much once I'd stop. The checked me again... not enough progress so they sent us home. On the way home (less than 2 miles) I had 3 intense contractions. When I got inside our apartment I was in rough shape! Raleigh was concerned for me so I hid in my bedroom. I decided to take a hot lavender bath to help calm and relax me! It was fantastic until I had another strong contraction! I had to get out! I made it to the bed and my mom (mom, dad, Carol & my grandma Charlotte had all come over to wait for "the call") came in and helped me work through all the contractions. At this point I couldn't even tap the button on my app to count them. Mom started keeping track. After what felt like an eternity I asked her how far apart they were! 5 minutes... with contractions lasting 1.5-2 minutes long for about 45 minutes. Right about then I got tingly and decided we needed to go in right then!! Thankfully while I labored in my bedroom everyone got Raleigh ready for bed and I was able to sneak out without him even knowing it! 
Apparently once I got to the hospital I greeted the the ladies at the desk with one word, "epidural"! Ha
I got checked in and checked again, this time I was at 6cm and I was admitted! I didn't care, I just needed an epidural. By the time they got me into my room I was at 8cm. I was terrified I wouldn't get the epidural!! I needed relief. 
Thankfully I got it and as my husband says, "it was like Jesus came down and anointed the room"! I could move my legs and wiggle my toes but the excruciating pain had been dulled!
Labor slowed down and that was totally fine by me. Things were moving a little too quickly for me to process them anyway! My sister arrived, she had driven from New Orleans as soon as she got out of school! So at this point my room was filled with family & so was the waiting room. It was sweet to feel so supported and loved. 

My nurse, Natasha, checked me again. I was at 9.5 cm! Apparently my cervix had a "lip". The decided to break my water around 11:30pm. We figured this may speed thing up! At that point we didn't know if we'd have a May 1st or May 2nd baby!! 12am came and went... so did 1am... & still I was stuck at 9.5cm. Annoying! Thankfully Anderson was not in distress, however the amount of pressure I felt was ridiculous. My nurse offered to try and push back the lip of my cervix as I pushed to see if we could get Anderson through. It was already 2am and I had been up for 22 hours so I was ready to try just about anything!! She pushed... I pushed... & then she called for help and the doctor! Anderson was coming and I wasn't about to stop! She told me to wait as his head crowned & so I did... for what felt like forever. Basically- from the point she & I pushed to the moment Anderson was born it was all of 3 minutes and it felt like 3 years. The doctor rounded the corner and came into the room right as Natasha delivered my perfect 7lbs 13 ounce baby boy at 2:07 am! I got to experience the birth I wanted to experience with Raleigh, but due to meconium didn't get to. Natasha handed Anderson straight to me and he cried loudly until he snuggled right up on my chest. He was so beautiful and so cuddly. I had been concerned that I wouldn't love him as much as I love his brother, but my fears faded as I studied his little features and kissed his sweet face. Nathan cut the umbilical cord like a champ and everyone in the room commented on how much Anderson looked like his big brother! 
It's pretty amazing how your pain, exhaustion and hunger subsides when you meet that sweet baby you've carried for 9 months and labored so long for. The next hours are a blur, but I'm pretty sure I stared at my baby boy the majority of them! May 2, 2015 is now one of my favorite days. We love Anderson so very much!!!