Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best educational free date ever!

Last night we had our very first class before baby Raleigh arrives! It was a basic newborn care class. We reviewed things that are common sense and learned other things like cord care and how to give baby a bath. (Also common sense... but it was a nice refresher/ reminder!) Nathan proved to be an excellent diaper changer... at least when it involved a fake baby & no mess, but I think he'll be just fine in the real situation! We washed our fake baby and learned how to clean the umbilical cord.
We had lots of laughs together & giggled through the entire class... while taking it very seriously of course! All in all it was fun and I think we'll be able to meet Raleigh's most basic needs!  ;)
We were the first couple to arrive so we had first choice of our baby. Meet baby Price! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A friendly PSA!

If it was never appropriate to talk about a lady's weight pre pregnancy, why do people feel the need to discuss it durning? Don't get me wrong... it doesn't offend me when someone talks about my baby's growth and keeps it to the "oh, look at your belly, he is getting so big" statements. It's the moments people feel the need to use words like huge or ginormous when referencing me. Or how about the random strangers that can't believe I'm only "x" many months along... "are you sure they got your due date right?!" Lady... I don't even know you!! People- have some common sense! It's just not wise to discuss such things with hormonal women... Ever. The End! :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Growing Belly 21-28 weeks

Whew! A lot has happened in the last 8 weeks! Mr. Raleigh has grown quite a bit... and apparently so have I! So here is the recap:
Late night shot in my pjs! 

After a delicious sushi dinner! (Don't worry... I stuck with tempura!)

This week Nathan was out of town... He had the opportunity to go to a huge church planting conference! Also, I NEVER show my bare belly but I was shocked how much my body had changed! Pardon my pasty whiteness! ;)

Feeling good and clearly rocking a preggo belly! Yay. 

25 weeks and wearing my $12 maternity dress from Kohl's! Love that place. 

Tired but thankfully not sick! 

Not sure what I was doing with my face..... but this was the best one! Lol

Annnnnnnd 28 weeks! Officially in my third trimester! How did that happen so quickly!? 

I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is wrapping up. I'm just praying that I continue to feel well and that this heat/humidity will be nice to me! Raleigh is a big boy and we're grateful he is growing and is healthy! With our last ultrasound at 28 weeks we were told he is in the 89% for growth and is estimated to weigh 3lbs already! Crazy. 

Next time I'd better not wait 8 weeks to post my growth... I may just have a baby by then!!! Holy moly, what a thought!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Simple Gesture

My husband is in no way the most affectionate man. Many times he has to work at showing me love the way need it. It's been something that he has continued to work on throughout our marriage because he knows how much a kiss or hug means to me! 
Tonight he out did himself. The sweetest thing this pregnant wife needed was some simple reassurance about this incredibly different yet amazing time in my life. I've realized more and more these last 29 weeks that my body is no longer "mine". I have no control over how it grows! I can't control this baby growing in me! I can't control how my body reacts to these changes. In the last few days I have gotten serious stretch marks. They aren't pretty. They certainly don't make me feel pretty! My sweet, sweet husband without thought just leaned over and kissed my growing belly. This time not because our son is in there, but this time because he can see the outward toll my body is taking! He asked me, "do they hurt?" Which thankfully they do not. He gently rubbed the bio oil (which I've been using, apparently in vain) & made me feel like I was pretty again. They didn't scare him or turn him away. They represent something bigger... something he can't do without me! The are my battle scars. In the end they will be worth it and to know that my husband loves me regardless is the best part. 
Sometimes I'm just a silly girl and I guess I just need to be reminded of such things!