Friday, May 17, 2013

What's in a name?

People have asked us where we came up with the name Raleigh James. Honestly it just came to us! We knew we wanted to carry on the name "James"... that's Nathan's first name, it was his dad's name and his dad's. 
As for Raleigh, it's the place where we had our first home together. It's in the state where we met, fell in love & got married! After some research I am even more pleased with his name. 
The name Raleigh originates from Old English, it's literal meaning is "from the deer meadow" (kind of appropriate for the son of an outdoorsmen!) and its spiritual connotation is "excellent worth"! I love that. James is Hebrew for "supplanter" and the spiritual connotation is "nurtured". A fun fact? Sir Walter Raleigh was known as Queen Elizabeth's favorite! No pressure for naming our future kids, right!? 
We can't wait to meet our baby boy, Raleigh James Price. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

True Life: Pregnancy has turned me into a toddler...

I have acted like a child! I blame the hormones.
Here's what happened...

It's 10:50pm on a Saturday night:
I turned to Nathan and said, I need french fries!
He looked at me like I was crazy.
I seriously needed them.
He said, "No... it's too late and it's raining. I'm not getting you french fries! You have plenty of food here!"
This is when I proceeded to burst into tears and reply with something like........ "WHY does everyone else's husband get them food when their pregnant wife wants something except YOU!?!"  
Yeah. I'm not proud of the way I behaved... but that's real life my friends!
Thank goodness that Nathan dug through our freezer & found some french fries. He is baking them for me now!

Pregnancy is a funny thing... I'm pretty sure motherhood will come with plenty of embarrassing stories too! Please laugh with me. It's all I can do!