Friday, May 25, 2012

We're here!

We made it to Florida and it's beautiful!

It was a long drive but it went so smoothly. We have consistently been reconfirmed by the Lord that this is right where we're suppose to be!

So far we have settled into our apartment, we've gone fishing, we hung out in City Place, went to the pool, eaten seafood, tried a local diner, had delicious fruit, experienced torrential downpours, Nathan started training for his job, I got a job (!!!), we experienced First Baptist Church West Palm Beach, we've gone to a Haitian Church Plant meeting that we'll be directly involved with & we've made some new friends! 

We really have done a lot in one week! Here are a few pictures from our adventure so far!

Welcome to Florida! (You still have a billion hours to drive!)


Our Penske truck driving into West Palm Beach! We made it!

Our first picture in West Palm!
It rains a lot here... but not for too long! Soon the sun is back out & shining!
In City Place... which is SO close to our house!!

Steve & Tina! (Steve did our premarital counseling & married us! We count them as family!)
At the Sailfish Marina!  
The food was beautiful & yummy!

Our front yard! (well more like side yard... but whatever we see it and it's gorgeous!)
Doing what he loves to do... and now he only has to walk 60 seconds out our front door to do it!
It's beautiful here!

  So there you go! We are loving it and feel so blessed to be here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

North Carolina

I love unpacking & nesting.
I loathe packing & organizing boxes.
However, I have got to finish strong. I really just want to carelessly throw things in boxes or give away things that I can live without (somethings we are doing that with) BUT I really want to finish strong here in North Carolina.

Today so many people are hating on North Carolina... so I've decided to think of all the wonderful things that have happened in my time here:

  1. I got to live with my best friend Whitney again!
  2. I had the privilege to study under very wise professors & awesome leaders at SEBTS. 
  3. I made so many lasting friendships!!! So many.
  4. I gained a new family who I had the pleasure of taking care of their 3 beautiful children.
  5. I giggled & had "sleep overs" talking about boys...
  6. I threw my bestie a surprise engagement party! (yes he was one of the boys we giggled about!)
  7. I helped with Corey & Sunni's wedding!
  8. I finally learned how to use the belt-lines (540 & 440)
  9. I learned the difference between "coffee" & coffee! Thank you Jesse Gordon & Counter Culture!
  10. I met a boy myself (he was the other one we giggled about)... & I called my mom, sister, aunt, grandma, & friends after the 1st date. (he was extra special)
  11. I got married to him in Wake Forest, NC on November 20, 2011.
  12. I went to hockey games & also became friends with one of the player's & his family.
  13. I took care of the sweetest baby! He stole my heart at the age of 2 weeks & 6 days. 
  14. I had an unforgettable ER visit! ;)
  15. I overcame a fear of singing in front of tons of people & finally sang in church. 
  16. I went fishing in Falls Lake with my husband.
  17. I got a dog... (who we miss... we can't take him to Florida... but he LOVES Grandma's!)
  18. I got to see the Civil Wars in concert. 
  19. I played in the snow... and drove in it for the first time ever!
  20. I learned to appreciate East Carolina BBQ.

Maybe some of these are silly. I think they are all awesome (except maybe the ER visit) & I wouldn't change a moment of my time here. The Lord has been gracious & taught me throughout all the experiences I've had here. I'm glad to know that even though I'm moving locations I know the Lord will continue to teach me & shape me into the woman he wants me to be!

Thank you North Carolina. It's been grand!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Show & Tell Friday!

I apologize it's been too many Fridays that have gone without a Show & Tell! Let me try & make up for that today!

So, I had a hard time decorating our mantle because we hung our TV above it & it can be a challenge to find something that works in the awkward space left. I also wanted to attempt to hide some of the cords that have to be run from the TV to who knows what!

First thrift store find...
I love green, it's my favorite color. When I saw that green candle holder I knew it had to be mine. I think it was $3... it may have been more but certainly no more than $5. Since there is a lip on it, it limits the size of candle or vase that you can place on top. I originally tried the vase to the right (which I love & was a wedding gift from Ms. Karen- my childhood second mother!) but it was a little too large & it made me nervous to leave on there. Soooo I had to get creative... or ghetto... whatever you prefer & I took an everyday cheap vase & stuffed some left over flowers from our wedding wreaths and flipped it upside down. It works! I like it.

Now on the right side of the TV, I needed something else...
The unique little vase was a garage sale find... I actually talked my best friend Whitney into buying it for $5 (maybe less?) for her wedding. She decided it was more "me" so she gave it to me! (Thanks Whit!) The candle stick holder was a random thrift store find (you know the kind that is on the side of the road & you just stop in once but don't frequent?!). I believe I spent $10 on it. I was planning to change the color of the candles... but now that we're moving I suppose I'll just wait on that!

There you have it... don't mind Good Morning America on the TV! :) I think its just enough without looking too crowded & most importantly I had all of the pieces already which means I didn't have to spend much money!

Just get clever & use what you have or reuse what someone else use to have! That's it for Show & Tell Friday... it may be that the next one will be brought to you in an entirely new state & home!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reality Sets In

As the days draw nearer to our big move the reality of it all continues to sink in. Last night we reserved our moving truck! We're working on getting boxes from some friends. We've made lists & gone through our budget. All these actions are another reminder we're making a big decision with a lot of responsibilities attached. Exciting & scary.

Nathan mentioned last night, "just think where we were this time last year!" He is right! Last May we were just boyfriend & girlfriend! I was preparing to have to spend the summer without him while he worked for Street Reach in the inner city of Memphis. Wow.

I wouldn't change a thing about the last 12 months! I see how the Lord has shaped us individually & as a couple to prepare us for our next steps.