Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A random assortment makes plenty of sense...

For whatever reason I was slow to hang things up in our dining room in this new home. Come to think of it, that was also the last place I hung things in our last home!?
Maybe it's because I like food so much? Maybe I just consume my food with complete disregard for my surroundings? Possibly...

Anyway, I finally made a choice & hung stuff up! (with the hubby's help of course)

Whoa, that's a lot of red. FYI those are the only 2 red walls in our house, thankfully my colors worked with the walls that were already painted! Also, I just love that mirror!

My random assortment of 'art'.

I found this at Anthropology. (on clearance of course, who has that kind of $$!? I got it for $7)

I've shared this before but, I just love it. North Carolina is where we met, married & had our first home together! I wonder who took the time to stitch it together? Thrifted- $5

I found this window at a garage sale for $10. I painted it black & put 8x10s trimmed down in it! I love our engagement pictures. (Thanks again, Kelly)

Last piece, I just love these calendar pages. This one is from February (my birth month). I'm still on the hunt for October (Nathan's birth month... which is now!!). Thrifted- $5
Our home is feeling more complete! Let's be real though, I'll never being finished! I have way too much fun changing things up!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rants, Steroids & a 3 Day Weekend!

Good grief. What a whirlwind it has been the past month & half or so! As soon as we got back from South Carolina I started my full time job. Then that weekend we hosted Nathan's mom, maw maw & aunt! We loved having them here. The following weekend my parents came to town! It was so nice to have family around us but let me just say I haven't been able to do anything I typically did before my new job.
No meal planning. No cleaning. No crafting. I'm talking bare minimums here.
How do women do it?
How do MOMs do it?
I mean seriously? Working full time & being as involved in church activities as we are has pretty much kicked my butt. Praise the Lord for a 3 day weekend with my husband and for being home!!!

Let me back up, 2 weeks ago (amidst the chaos) I realized I needed a dentist fast. My tooth had been bothering me for months & I had ignored the pain. Dumb, I know! Turns out I needed a root canal. Awesome. I have been on antibiotics, pain pills & steroids for 2 weeks. Not fun. However, it had its perks.

This weekend was it. I couldn't stand our house in it's condition for one more second! I took my six steroids Saturday morning and harnessed their powers! We cleaned... and cleaned... and cleaned. It was amazing. I had mountains of laundry, a suitcase still semi packed from our impromptu trip up to South Carolina (at the BEGINNING of September) and floors in need of a serious vacuuming- that is after all the crap was picked up off of them!

With my sweet husband's help we got it done. I feel so much better- I feel like I have control over things in my house again.

Since we've lived here I haven't really blogged about our bedroom... so here you go!
Here is our king size bed which are so happy we purchased! We agree it's the best $375 we've ever spent. Thank you Tasha for selling us your bed!

I found our comforter at Costco!? It is super comfy and the perfect weight for South Florida sleeping. I love it. Amazingly... it cost $80 which included the comforter, 4 pillow cases & a quilt!

I hung these up a couple weeks ago. I just love our wedding pictures! Thanks again Kelly Hunter of May Photography.

Here is the master bath. It's small but perfect. I love that shower curtain, I found it in South Carolina for $8. Holler.

I'm still a fan of how our dresser turned out! Remember

So thanks to time, steroids and a very loving helpful husband... life is back in order. For now. Of course tomorrow starts a new work week so I'll probably feel overwhelmed & out of control all over again, but praise the Lord- He is in control! I'll try my best and thank God for a job I love & for an understanding husband!