Monday, April 13, 2015

Our 1960 Fixer Upper!

What? A blog post 2 days in a row? Shocking. I know. 

I figured I'd give the grand "before" tour because *hopefully* come June 1st this will all look totally different. Basically, every single room will be altered, so it's a whole big project! Let's begin! (That's not my car... I stole this picture from the listing agent!! Lol)

First you walk into the living room. Let me just start off by saying every single wall and ceiling of this house will be painted, no fear! These colors are going bye bye!! 
To the right is an archway, it will be squared off and returned to the way God intended it and prefer it! ;) Straight ahead is the hallway that leads to the 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. Not pictures and to the left is a long lovely window that looks out over our front yard! There's also a random useless closet that will be dry walled up and blown out to the other side where we'll extend bedroom 1's (Anderson's room) closet. There will be new floors throughout as well!

Next we go to the right and see a bizarre use of space. The kitchen... which they tried to open up? I'm not sure why it is this way... but it won't be for much longer! 
It's the tightest space ever. The layout itself we'll work with because it's most cost effective, but the walls must come down!! The cabinets will get a facelift, the countertops and backsplash will be replaced, hopefully we'll get new appliances (definitely a new oven), new recessed lighting, a pantry to the right (where that broom is) and my favorite... a large kitchen island! We'll get new floors and paint and flip flop the layout for our dinning room table & create a play area for the boys to the right of the pantry! 
We'll replace these French doors with ones that aren't rotting (and the ugly curtains that don't reach the floor!!). We'll also remove the gaudy molding & simplify to a cleaner more craftsmen style. The dining room table will be to the right of the doors and will have a fun statement lighting fixture over it! 

I don't have pictures of the "laundry room" currently... but believe me... that will take up a post of its own! Yikes!!!

Bedroom 1- (Anderson's Room)
There's a lot of work to be done in this small room! First we must repair the ceiling. It's rotten, but thankfully the roof is new and the ceiling had just not been repaired. Next to go is that ceiling fan! It's spray painted purple and has purple duct tape all over it... Why?! This room will be carpeted and all of the electrical will be brought up to code. Like I mentioned before, the closet will be expanded and all of the walls will get a fresh coat of paint!

Bedroom 2- (Raleigh's Room)
This room is in good shape! It just needs updated electrical, a ceiling fan, new closet doors, new paint and carpet. It's definitely the larger of the 2 bedrooms... it may eventually become "the boy's" room! 

Hallway Bathroom- (the original 1960's bathroom)
Oh yes. There will be more pictures of this to come!!! Blue tiles? Pink tub? Oh yeah- it's all going. We'll get a new toilet and tub! The ceiling needs to be repaired and we'll add a vent and light. New floors (ones that won't always look dirty!) & the lovely floral wallpaper is going away! It's basically getting gutted! Woohoo!

The Master- (Our Room!)
This room is huge! See where that wall comes out a little bit on the left there? That's where the original room ended. The previous owner knocked out the wall and expanded and made this a large master with a big walk in closet! Thank you!! This room will be carpeted (the floors aren't in the best shape and we're not sure how well they were installed!)
That's the view from the bathroom looking into the hallway. Now for our bathroom! It isn't the colors or materials I'd prefer or choose... however... it isn't the highest to change on my priority list. 
The glass shower door is coming down! I'm not sure if the previous owner was super short or was just really great a ducking.... 
All the grout will be professionally cleaned and repaired... & then we can host a party?! This thing is massive!!
We'll find mirrors I like and replace the lights... & call it a day! (For now!)

There's one more room... it needs A Lot of work... and paint... 
It's off of the "laundry room" and it looks like they let wild animals loose in it. It used to be the carport but they enclosed it and created a room of sorts. We aren't sure what we'll do with it... but once we've lived in the main area of the house I'm sure we'll have a better idea of what we "need". 
There's so much to be done, but it's exciting and I trust our contractor! We hope to start renovations on April 27th so I'll make sure to follow this journey and document it! I cannot wait to start!! 


  1. One, I love that you are blogging again. Two, I'm excited to see your progress over the coming weeks!

  2. Sounds exciting. You should video the renovations and submit to HGTV! Blessings

  3. Can't wait to see the transformation!! Chip and Joanna Gains need to be called:-)