Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ten Months!

DOUBLE DIGITS. Oh my goodness!? And in a blink of an eye we've hit the 10 month mark!

The last month has been a whirlwind of learning and growing! He's gained a tooth, more balance, more voice, even more personality (if you can believe it!) and more motor skills.
Raleigh is the friendliest baby I've ever met. Just the other day in Chipotle he tapped a lady in front of us and she turned around. He immediately stuck his arms out to be held by her... yes a complete stranger! Of course she was smitten. Eventually I let her hold him and he just grinned and flirted. This is not an exceptional event either. He does this just about everywhere we go! I think we'll have to have some serious "stranger danger" talks in the future, but right now it's absolutely precious.

What's New:

  • Raleigh still eats like a grown man! Seriously, he may just be the Very Hungry Caterpillar!
  • He is walking. There, I said it. I've been in denial. He will take 6-7 steps consecutively before he sits down! I can't believe it. Also, let the record show Raleigh's first steps were at 9.5 months and they were to his Tio Leo! 
  • He officially has 7 teeth! I think he's already working on his one year molars too! He loves gnawing on everything with his back gums.
  • He loves swimming! He went into the ocean for the first time this month and he LOVED it. 
  • Raleigh went to his first basketball game. He was a big fan of everything about the game except the buzzer. He eventually got use to it. He cheered and clapped and of course made new friends!
  • Mommy got a baby play yard... so she still has her sanity! Raleigh is into anything and everything. He's very courageous and curious. A dangerous combination! Pray for me! ;)
  • He loves blowing his lips together, sucking in air making a high pitch squeal and he's started to do this silly under bite grin. It's too cute!
  • He loves strumming the guitar and playing with his fishing pole!
  • He stands up unassisted for a long time now. He can even bend over and grab stuff while standing. His balance is pretty impressive!
  • He now annoys Eli sometimes! He's just so interested in what Eli is doing and wants to be a part of it... but he has no sense of personal space or boundaries. It makes for a pretty interesting exchange!
  • He is a little dare devil. The higher you throw the better. The rougher you wrestle the more fun!
  • His laugh and grin are probably my favorite things about him.
  • His hair is getting much lighter!? Like heading towards blonde!! Maybe it's the summer sun!?
  • I think he's taken after his daddy's skin! Thank goodness. He's already got a better tan than me!
  • OH- Raleigh loved his Papa John's (Papa Antoooonio) spaghetti... we loved watching him eat it!!! 

When I see this... I see Nathan!! Wow.

*10 month shoot pictures to come!*

It's been an amazing 10 months! I cannot believe you're almost one baby boy. Blows. My. Mind!

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